Ruby’s Little GEMS CT: Toddler $300.00 Infant $325.00 Tuition is based on enrollment not student attendance there are no discounts for half days or student absence.

Payments Accepted

Brightwheel, Cash, Money Order,
Check, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal.

Payment Plans

Weekly, Bi weekly and monthly.


595 Hope street Stamford CT 06907 ( A couple streets down from springdale train station and across the street from Dolan middle school.


Ruby’s little GEMS CT LLC is open Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.
The tuition rate is based on the contracted hours listed above. There will be an additional fee of $10.00
every 30 minutes which will be due at pick up.

Parents Responsibilities

● Parents should supply Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC with 2 changes of clothes. Please make sure the clothing is seasonable appropriate. All clothing should be labeled in a ziplock bag.
● Bottles (labeled)/ Sippy cups (labeled).

● All bedding and Blankets will be washed on a weekly basis.
● All personal items should be labeled. This includes all coats, hats, and gloves.
● Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal property.

● The parent or legal guardian of the child will sign the daily enrollment sheet upon arrival and upon dismissal for the day. The child’s belongings will be organized and ready at pick up.
● If the individual picking up the child is not recognized by the staff, a photo identification will be required prior to release of the child. The photo ID will be matched to the registration authorization provided by the parent on the registration form. No child will be released to any individual who is not formally included on the registration information and without identification to verify identity.
● Once the parent signs the child out of Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC the parent is responsible for
the actions and behavior of their child.
● The parent can call Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC anytime of the day to check in on their child,
either by phone or text.

● Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC provides a nutritious morning and afternoon snack as well as lunch to the children.
● Parents are required to provide written notification of any food/dietary restrictions (i.e. lactose intolerance, vegetarian diets, wheat free/gluten free diets) or allergies.
● Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC will supply all bowls, plates, cups and utensils for the children.
Please label any special items brought from home with your child’s name to prevent loss.
● Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC and staff will focus on developing healthy, well-balanced eating habits.

● Diapers and wipes
● 2 meals
● 2 snacks
● Access to our parent app ( Brightwheel)

$60.00 per day based on availability

We no longer offer pick up / drop off service

Infant Room Ratio: 1 staff to 2 infants 4 infants in our infant room.
Toddler Room Ratio: 1 staff to every 4 toddlers 8 toddlers in our toddler room.

Every staff member is CPR/First Aid certified in toddler infant care.
Every staff member is certified in medication administration.
Every staff member completes a background check before being hired Every staff member is fully vaccinated.

The Daycare Clock

Were closed for 11 Holidays per year
● MLK Jr Day
● Good Friday
● Memorial Day
● 4th of July
● Labor Day
● Thanksgiving and the day after
● Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
● New Years Eve and New Years Day

● Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC will also be closed for two weeks each calendar year, a week between Christmas and New Year’s (National Holidays are not included as part of vacation), and one week in August. The parents will receive advanced notice of these dates.
● At all times when Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC is closed it is the parent’s responsibility to find alternative childcare.

● Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC will follow the Stamford Public School delay/ closings for inclement weather. Please tune to channel 12 news for information on weather closings unless message received from Ruby’s Little GEMS CT LLC. The parent is responsible for normal weekly tuition in the event of any closures.
● In the event of an early closing due to weather, the daycare staff will contact the parent; the staff will remain with the children until all have been picked up safely.

7:00am-6:00pm Monday- Friday
7:00am-4:00pm Saturday and Sunday


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